Saturday Night Auctions..
At Saturday night auctions, we sell new & used tools, some
general merchandise, dog / cat food, farm or garden items, and,
of course, small animals!  The auction starts at 7:00 pm.
animals are accepted from 3:00 pm and must be checked in by
6:45pm (please be in line by 6:30), and are sold approximately
at 9:15 pm
.  We are a NYS & Federal Posted Livestock Yard,
and  are licensed to sell dogs & cats (please call for detailed  
information on NYS requirements for the sale of dogs and cats).
You can find all sorts of animals and pets here on a Saturday
night.   Normally, you'll find:  chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese,
goats, pigs, calves,sheep, parakeets, mice, hamsters, etc....  
We've even been known to sell an iguana or a snake!

So, bring your cages and your friends, and come early to enjoy
the fun!
Please Note:  All non New  York goats & sheep must
be accompanied by a Veterinarian's Certificate of
Health as per USDA law.
Saturday Night Auctions..
Combined Auction
Saturday, May
19th@ 7 pm

Animals received 3:00PM - 6:45PM
Tools sell at 7:00 pm & ANIMALS SELL about 8:30 to 9:15PM!  

COLLECTIBLES included:  kero lanterns, Japan tea set, 1922
photo album, Lenox, pots & pans, Seth Thomas mantle clock,
picnic basket set, milkglass spice set, cake pans (Wilton), wet
suit, art craft supplies, Tyco racer game, kitchenware, flip
wafflemaker, cups/saucers,  car seat, pre-k toys, bikes, Xmas
ornaments, books, dvds & players, pictures & frames (water
color, o/c), black desk light, Pyrene fire extinguisher, jump
start system, quilt rack, small rototiller, large planter, sofa, SS
smoker/barbcue, jeans, Wedgwood plates, video disc player
w/discs * car cd or cassette players, board games, propane
lantern, gas auger, level, car ramps, spark plugs, cut off
saws, infrared sauna, gas wall heater, shop ready heaters,
electrical items, reel mower, , chainsaws, hand tools, weed
wacker, cages, rakes, shovels, tools, Tecumseh engine, pet
carriers * whipple tree * incubator *

ANIMALS RECEIVED 3:00PM - 6:45PM !! --
sold at 9:00 PM
The Saturday Night Place to be!  Auctioneer:  Henry J Moak