Saturday Night Auctions..
At Saturday night auctions, we sell new & used tools, some
general merchandise, dog / cat food, farm or garden items, and,
of course, small animals!  The auction starts at 7:00 pm.
animals are accepted from 3:00 pm and must be checked in by
6:45pm (please be in line by 6:30), and are sold approximately
at 9:15 pm
.  We are a NYS & Federal Posted Livestock Yard,
and  are licensed to sell dogs & cats (please call for detailed  
information on NYS requirements for the sale of dogs and cats).
You can find all sorts of animals and pets here on a Saturday
night.   Normally, you'll find:  chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese,
goats, pigs, calves,sheep, parakeets, mice, hamsters, etc....  
We've even been known to sell an iguana or a snake!

So, bring your cages and your friends, and come early to enjoy
the fun!
Please Note:  All non New  York goats & sheep must
be accompanied by a Veterinarian's Certificate of
Health as per USDA law.
Saturday Night Auctions..
Saturday, November 18th

Animals received 3:00PM - 6:45PM
Tools sell at 7:00 pm & ANIMALS SELL about 8:30 to 9:15PM!  
Man Cave items:  pool clock * sets matching padded bar chairs * "Open"
sign * cash register * Harley replica * Harley seat * guitar * patio heater *
bar stools * lg. Budweiser helmet * lots of beer/liquor signs, mirrors *
5 gal. metal gas can * sander * fishpoles * o/s porch lights * el. air
compressor * portable air tank * sump pumps * 2 man saw blade * fold-up
work bench * cage * much more *